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What you can't see, hear, touch, taste or smell . . .  
                                                  CAN still hurt you.     

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Let me help you SEE and HEAR what you may already FEEL.

Life is in the Blood Blood sample 50 Trillion cells

EMF / RF is bio-reactive.
That means your body reacts to it.
Certain frequencies are essential for life, others can kill you.
NASA put a Schumann resonance generator 7.83 Hz on the space station.
Olympic athletes use Red Light Therapy at 850nm in training to speed recovery.
Negative EMF/RF effects are seen in the blood,
they can adversely effect your DNA,
damage your microbiome (life supporting bacteria), disturb your sleep,
cause infertility etc.

Blue Light in the evening is toxic: computers, cell phones, TV, LED lights etc.
Electric Fields
(at 60 Hz AC) from house wiring, appliances, power lines etc.
Magnetic fields from power lines, (bad) house wiring, running motors, fans etc.
Radio Frequency from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, microwaves, cell towers etc.
Dirty Electricity (harmonics of 60 Hz AC) from dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), AC/DC inverters etc.

The more commonly reported symptoms of exposure to EMF/RF are:
• sleep disturbance/insomnia,
• headache,
• depressive symptoms,
• fatigue/tiredness,
• dysesthesia,
• attention dysfunction,
• memory changes,
• dizziness,

• irritability,
• tinnitus,
• loss of appetite/body weight,
• restlessness,
• anxiety,
• nausea,
• skin burning/tingling,
• and EEG changes.
Visit SleepSafe for EMF and sleep related info.
Blood sample

Would you sit 4 feet from a microwave oven all day while it was running?

Well you may be doing something just as bad and not realize it:

4 feet from a microwave oven. Signal jumps from the background 0.07 mW/msq to over 17 mW/msq when turned on!

4 feet from a WiFi router. Signal is pulsing all the time it is on and peaks are over 19 mW/msq .

400 feet from a small cell tower. Signal is pulsing and peaks are over 17 mW/msq, they are often even higher in the evening.
This is why you need to:

Be informed: because what you can't see or hear CAN hurt you. So we help you see and hear. We come to your home and/or office and measure for EMF, RF, WiFi etc. Then, you will know exactly what is going on in your personal environment.

We give you a full report showing you how much radiation you have being created on the inside as well as what is coming in from the outside.

Are you and your family safe?


Take action: now that you see, having identified, quantified and defined any problems, we then suggest solutions.

We show you simple, often FREE, ways to remove some of the problems altogether and reduce others. 

We provide proven solutions to maximize safety for you and your loved ones, both in your space and on the go.

Most important is to turn your sleep space into a sleep sanctuary.

Re-establish "ease": by turning off the in home originating EMF at night that effects you we help restore you from dis-order to order and "dis-ease" to "ease".

Educate yourself. Be informed. Be aware.

Take control of your environment, don't be a victim. Enjoy all the benefits of technology without the down side. Be rested. Be healthy. Be safe.

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"Quantum" Technology

Having measured, removed and reduced as much of the bad EMF/RF that we can, especially at night - the question remains what to do about the EMF/RF that we are still exposed to? What to do about what we cannot avoid - not just at home but on the go and at work? How about "neutralizing" it, or at least neutralize the bodies reaction to it?

Aulterra Blood
Dark Field Microscopy showing Aulterra Phone Neutralizer working.

Neutralizer protection

Of the dozens of devices on the market for the house, car, computer, cell phones and you - most claim to actually "absorb" or "block" the EMF/RF . . . THIS IS ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT HAPPENING . . . if it were your device would stop working!

HOWEVER, it is possible to neutralize the biological stress response to the EMF/RF, and just as the negative bio-reaction shows in the blood so does this neutralizing effect. This is why we recommend Aulterra products for neutralizing the effects of EMF/RF because they actually explain their technology and offer both blood and DNA evidence/proof of their effectiveness. They have also been in business for over 20 years having been developed by someone who previously worked with NASA, they have patents and their prices are 5x to 10x more reasonable than the other companies. A win, win for you. Why pay 10x more for products that provide no scientific proof. See the Aulterra proof HERE.
Solar pannel   Electric Car   Adjustable Bed    Adjustable Bed

By the way, if you are in a building with solar panels and/or you drive an electric car or have electric adjustable furniture, your EMF exposure is greatly increased due to the fields put out by the inverter and/or motor . . . your EMF exposure is most likely of extreme concern.

We expect our safe spaces - car, living room, bedroom etc. to be . . . SAFE . . . but are they? The Building Biology Institute Guidelines (based in Germany) for sleeping areas state that the safe (no concern) level of AC Electric Field is less than 1 V/m, slight concern 1 - 5 V/m, severe concern is 5 - 50 V/m and extreme concern is above 50 V/m. We are 10x more sensitive/susceptible to EMF/RF at night when our body is trying to rest, detox and heal etc.

At a recent home inspection I found readings of 50+ V/m on a sofa and 300+ V/m on the main bed. Both were electronically adjustable. They both had power inverters. Unknown to the home owners two of their "special places" were far from safe spaces, but with a small adjustment, in moments and at NO cost to them, both readings were brought down to almost zero . . . Anthony.

What you can't see or hear . . . CAN hurt you.
Are your special places . . . safe spaces?

  M E N D

Having Measured and Mitigated
the EMF/RF around you, it is time to "M E N D":

EMF and RF cause a stress response in our cells, which both costs us energy and causes
inflammation leading to - "dis-ease" - but there are simple, non medical, "working with the design"
 ways to help speed up cell recovery and R E S T O R E "ease" more quickly:

Intentionality and Water

Solution: "5 Way restructured water"©

Light and Water

Solution: Red Light Therapy


Solution: Get Grounded

Disclaimer: The information presented on this website gives general advice on those influences in the built environment that are known to be possible causes of illness. Always consult your health care provider for your individual health care needs and concerns. The information contained on this website is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care by a health care provider. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problem or illness always consult your health care provider.


Take Action . . . Get Measured . . . Be Informed . . . Fix Problems

Remove / Reduce Exposure . . . "Neutralize" . . . BE Safe . . . Restore . . . BE Healthy

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