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SEOUL (REUTERS, WASHINGTON POST) - South Korea’s three mobile carriers and top United States telco Verizon Communications commercially launched 5G telephone services on Wednesday (April 3), ahead of their initial schedules, as they rushed for first spot in the race to roll out the latest wireless technology.

AT&T has had a partial 5G network up since Dec 2018 but no direct  "phone" service in that the do not have a 5G phone yet!
The only compatible device is a 5G mobile hotspot by Netgear. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is coming soon.

AT&T's 5G mobile network available since December 2018 includes Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh in North Carolina; Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Waco in Texas; Indianapolis in Indiana; Jacksonville in Florida; Louisville in Kentucky; Oklahoma City in Oklahoma; and New Orleans in Louisiana. Spring of 2019 they added Austin, TX, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, San Jose, CA, Nashville, TN, Orlando, FL.
Verizon - launch April/19 in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis. 

April 25 - Verizon announcing pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and a list of 20 additional cities that will be getting the technology before year’s end, including: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Des Moines, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Phoenix, Providence, San Diego, Salt Lake City and Washington, DC.

- has announced a May launch in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Kansas City, with other cities slated before the end of June.

For maps on 5G availability in cities across the country and the specific areas within those cities:

5G map
Notes About this Map:

Coverage is in parts of the indicated cities.
AT&T currently only offers a 5G hotspot.
Verizon Mobile 5G is only available in Minneapolis & Chicago.

The point is,
if you are in any of these major cities,
as well as many others as they test the equipment getting ready for the roll-out,
you may already be exposed to 5G millimeter wave (microwave) radiation.
Just because you don't have a 5G phone (as of this writing, April 2019, no one does)
5G is already on the streets.
If you work or are visiting down-town you could have a 5G antenna pointing at you right NOW.


Former head of Microsoft Canada talks about 5G

What others are saying . . .

According to Dr. Marin Blank from Columbia University’s Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics - with regards to wireless radiation in general:

“We have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control. Before Edison’s light bulb there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment. The levels today are very many times higher than natural background levels, and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation. Putting it bluntly they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely.”

~   ~   ~ Dangers of 5G

Many studies have associated low-level RFR exposure with a litany of health effects, including:

• DNA single and double-strand breaks (which leads to cancer)
• oxidative damage (which leads to tissue deterioration and premature ageing)
• disruption of cell metabolism increased blood-brain barrier permeability
• melatonin reduction (leading to insomnia and increasing cancer risks)
• disruption of brain glucose metabolism
• generation of stress proteins (leading to myriad diseases)

As mentioned, the new 5G technology utilizes higher-frequency MMW bands, which give off the same dose of radiation as airport scanners 24/7. The effects of this radiation on public health have yet to undergo the rigours of long-term testing.

~   ~   ~

Lloyd Burrell from 5G Radiation Dangers

~   ~   ~

180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, warn of potential serious health effects of 5G: pdf

~   ~   ~

Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects: read here

~   ~   ~

Martin L. Pall, PhD and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University -

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world”.

~   ~   ~

5G is out there NOW so . . .

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