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 Prove It
The Hidden Health Effects of Cell Towers

A landmark study suggests that cell tower radiation
negatively impacts health. 

Is there one close to you?
Are you sure?
We will let you know.

Cell Towers hidden effects

The Healthy Home Economist

Not so "Smart" Meters:
Harvard Medical Doctor: 18 years with the New York Department of Health, administered a program on EMF,
former Dean now Fellow of the School of Public Health . . .

. . . warns against "Smart Meters".
Cell phones are bad for you,
but 10x worse for children.

A "Council of Europe" committee ruled
that RF technologies pose a health risk
 and should be banned from schools.

Even Bluetooth devices can be an issue.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer - a group of 250 scientists from 40 countries - has declared electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation a possible carcinogen.

RF / WiFi has also been shown to pose cancer risks.
Low 60 Hz EMF/RF do cause negative biological reactions
 - a stress response in the cells.

The 1986 US Army report on EMF is a long PDF,
but please read at least the first 2 pages
 - because they explain how even low doses cause a biological response in cells and gives solutions.

60 Hz

Wireless wake-up call.  TEDxBerkeley

Jeromy Johnson has an advanced degree in Civil Engineering
and has worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years.
Jeromy discusses our attachment to technology and
the health hazards such an addiction may hold.
We are 10x more sensitive to EMF at night. Creating a sleep sanctuary is vitally important..

The EMF Sleep Switch is the only, UL listed, TOTAL SOLUTION for the removal of ALL - IN HOME generated EMF. The EMF Sleep Switch doesn't cover up EMF (like so many other products do) it turns the cause of the EMF (electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity and radio frequencies) OFF at the source (your fuse box) leaving you to sleep in a mitigated environment.

It costs a lot less than most other "solutions" and is safe, convenient and easy to use coming with a remote control. Use code "Help5" for a 5% discount.
EMFSleepSwitch Logo

AND . . . there are other solutions.

There are a lot of "new kids on the block" but Aulterra has been around for over 20 years and are one of the pioneers in EMF/RF protection.

In this video we learn why the Aulterra Neutralizer was created and how it works. Although this video was created more then 15 years ago the information is still invaluable. Aulterra has obviously redesigned it's product and packaging since this was made but the message is still very relevant. Protect your body from what cannot be avoided.

Even the cell phone instructions tell you they are not safe next to your body . . .
in other words your cell phone is safe as long as you DON'T touch it!

Mercola Cell Warning

EMF Academy
Cell Phone Radiation Hand Pain
Bio Initiative
Governments take action
  I will measure and test your home/office/car.
I share my findings with you and then demonstrate solutions.
  I empower YOU to make an informed decision.

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   Anthony I am not a Doctor, Engineer or Scientist, just a guy who studied Health and Nutrition and Planning and Environmental Design at college and has 40 plus years of life experience and thousands of additional hours of study and research since then. Helping people move from "dis-ease" to "ease" is my thing. This information is shared for educational purposes only. That said, the EMF products and solutions I offer as an EMF Consultant ARE created and tested by Doctors, Engineers and Scientists.
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