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Remember, moving from "dis-ease" to "ease" is as easy as:

Be informed



M e n d / R e s t o r e
Removing, reducing and neutralizing the negatives, especially EMF's, will help your body automatically restore "ease" and mend. It is designed to heal itself, mostly at night, and will, when you get the negatives out of its way. Then, by consciously adding positives, the restoration process can be sped up. Try these very simple, natural things and expect to be restored to "ease" up to 50%* faster.

* Based upon NASA and many professional athletes reported results with just near Infared Light Therapy.

Water • Earth • Wind • Fire


Drink 16 - 32 oz of structured water
first thing in the morning.

Start your day, before getting up, by flushing out the liver and kidneys and helping detox. The quicker you detox the faster you will experience physical "ease". You can detox heavy metals with "Enhance". If you have no structured water drink the best you can find. Remember you are 70% water.
structured water
Get grounded

Get your bare feet on the ground.

This is called "Earthing" or "Grounding", do it while you watch the sunrise. Reconnect with where you live. If you can't get out, sleep with a grounding pad (a good idea anyway). Remember, like all electrical things, you need a good ground and Mother Earth is best. People report reduced inflammation and pain and increased "ease" within days. Many EMF aware Doctors say a calcium and magnesium mineral supplement helps support the bodies resistance to and recovery from the biological effects of EMF.
Wind (Air)

Breathe deeply.

Take time to breathe through out the day. Especially take deep belly breaths first thing in the morning preferably as you watch the sun rise. This helps reset your bio rhythms and oxygenates the whole body. People report better brain function and more productive days. If you can't do sunrise, use a near infrared light for 15 mins. while you take your deep breaths.

Fire (Light)

Watch the sun set.

This helps get ready for night. The near infrared tells the body to release melatonin necessary for sleep, good detox and healing. After sunset remember blue light from TV, computer, smart phone, LED lights etc. is a toxic EMF, so avoid blue light. If you can't, wear blueblockers because blue light tells your brain it is mid-day and blocks melatonin. Use an infrared light and light candles.

Three day NO cost to you challenge:
Drink 16oz - 32oz water before you get up.
Watch the sunrise with your bare feet on the ground while taking deep breaths.
Watch the sunset with your bare feet on the ground while taking deep breaths.
NO blue light (TV, computer, smart phone, LED's) 1 hour before bed.
Turn OFF, at the breaker, all the power in your house at night (except the essentials).
Try it.

If you can't do the above:
do 15 mins of near infrared light therapy and breathe while grounded, morning and evening.
Make sure your magnesium levels are good (70+% of Americans are magnesium deficient).
Drink more water, cut back on screen time, sleep mitigated.

Order a Body Voltage Kit and test your space.
  Test your home/office/car for EMF/RF, be informed.
Make an informed decision, take action:

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   Anthony I am not a Doctor, Engineer or Scientist, just a guy who studied Health and Nutrition and Planning and Environmental Design at college and has 40 plus years of life experience and thousands of additional hours of study and research since then. Helping people move from "dis-ease" to "ease" is my thing. This information is shared for educational purposes only. That said, the EMF products and solutions I work with ARE created, tested and recommended by Doctors, Engineers and Scientists.
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