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Music to my ears.

I read the reports and was impressed with the science of the Aulterra "Neutralizer", I could see from the blood results how it could neutralize the adverse biological response to the EMF/RF when using my phone.

However, I was a little skeptical how the "Whole House Plug" could do the same thing to my whole house. I am a professional singer and have been using a Bose L1 system for several years, I love the sound. Incredibly, as soon as we plugged in the "Whole House Plug" my sound system suddenly sounded even better. The highs were higher, the lows were lower, the overall sound was much richer and smoother (something I would have thought impossible with a Bose), it actually made me cry. If it can change the electricity in my house to make my sound system sound better, something that real and tangible, I know it must be doing something to protect my whole house from the EMF's just like the Neutralizer is. Thank you.

SSS, Texas.

Safe Sleep

I have been shutting off my WiFi at night and keeping my phone away from the bed for a while now to cut down on the EMF at night. I thought I had a safe space, little did I know.

Anthony measured the bed and got a reading of over 30 V/m . . . (1 - 3 V/m is considered safe for a sleeping area). He suggested we rearrange the wires around the bed, plug the lamps and electric blanket etc into an extension cord which connected to an outlet a way from the bed. In just a few minutes the reading was down to 2 V/m. We switch off the extension last thing at night and sleep knowing we are in an EMF safe zone.

TS, Oregon

Work Space

Anthony came out and measured our house. I was surprised to find out the computer desk I work at for several hours a day was giving off a reading of over 80 V/m. Anthony suggested grounding the table which had a metal frame and as soon as he did the reading went down to zero.

DM, Grants Pass, OR

Red Light

Red Light

I had been in pain for weeks but after only 10 minutes with the red light the pain went from an "8" to about "3".

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